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Emma all stirred up, whoa!

June 28, 2012 at 9:08 pm

I’m reading a FANTASTIC book called Emma all stirred up. It’s about a girl named Emma she and her ANNOYING little brother are going to the same day camp! She is forced to babysit him, so on the bus she dosn’t have any freedom! Bummer! Her camp team, the Hotcakes, are having fun and training for the “Camp Olympics” they are also practicing for the camp final night ( talent show)!!!!! She and Alexis (she’s going to camp with Emma) keep getting invited to some of the girls at their camps parties, so they have to skip oppertounties to hang out with the other cupcakers and lie to them why.

If  you want to find out how they deal with their problems, be smart and buy the book or check it out at your town Library!!!

Cupcake diaries: Emma all stirred up by Coco simon

Emma all Stirred up book review


Mia in the Mix, a great book to read!

June 27, 2012 at 5:57 pm

It was the same kind of day for about a week!  With all this rain we’ve been getting from Tropical Storm Debby its been a great week to cuddle up and read… I’m reading a book called Mia in the Mix. It’s about a girl named Mia who’s parents are Divorsed,the mom and Mia move out of their home town and move to Maple Grove witch is way far away from their origanal home! She makes friends and forms a Cupcake Club with her NEW best friends,Katie,Alexis,and Emma. But when the PGC (Poupular Girls Club) notices Mia’s sense of fashion they want to recruit her(take her in)!  So Mia has a dillema on her hands!  She has to choose between the PGC and the AWESOME Cupcake Club!  Will she have to make hard decions like this further along in life,you’ll have to read it to find out!

review mia in the mix cupcake diaries

Cupcake diaries: Mia in the Mix By Coco Simon